Sex Offender License Plates?

I tend to agree with the following posting.  As much as I care deeply about knowing just who on my block is a threat to kids, I care much more immediately whether the bloke (or dame) ahead of me or tailgating me is an inveterate drunk with a right foot that has absolutely no sense of discretion:

Ohio has a new bill to require the worst sex offenders “to drive cars with a special license plate denoting their offense.” As this article details, the parents of a child victim are pushing the bill and have big aspirations: “‘We want this to go national,’ Mark Jackson said. ‘They’re not just in Ohio, they’re everywhere.'” As share Jeralyn’s instinct that this is “just another shaming punishment and one that will have no effect on the number of sex offenses.” Moreover, I would hope that any license pate scheme would start with drunk driving before sex offenses. Though I have not seen any detailed studies, my gut tells me that a drunk-diving license plate system could be much more effective in the promotion of public safety than a sex-offender license plate system.

Sentencing Law and Policy: How’s my (sex) driving?

Make the sex offender residence and photo information available on the internet–as it is for many, if not all states (I believe it’s pursuant to federal law that the states make this available).  I can logon to Google or an official state website and pull-up photos of the men (usually men, as the facts show) who are a danger to kids, and keep an eye on them — or avoid moving anywhere in their vicinity.  But by god, tell me whether the idiot 3 feet from my rear bumper is so likely to be a recidivist drunk that won’t be able to stop — not whether he’s a public danger that I need to follow home and maul keep an eye on.  The days are too short for me to take up that challenge.



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