Borat, Cheese, and the Extraordinarily Patient Supermarket Worker

Borat Investigates Cheese

This has got to reveal a fundamental defect in my sense of humor, but although I enjoyed the Borat movie, I found myself rolling on the floor with this clip. In one of the deleted scenes, Borat enters a supermarket and asks to be shown the store’s cheese. The store worker/manager goes on to confirm that the packages are cheese–and Borat asks for confirmation on lots of packages of cheese. Then he moves on to butter.

Just wait and see exactly how long the worker agrees to answer Borat’s inane questions. It’s unbelievable.


  • UPDATE: Due to copyright claims, this video is no longer accessible. If it returns legally, I’ll be sure to make a link available.
  • UPDATE: 23 Mar 07, it’s inexplicably back…
  • UPDATE: 25 Mar 07, nope, it’s gone.  Clearly this is a copyright issue, and any posts you find are, well, illicit.  So I’m not searching out links any more to post here, and I just suggest that you add Borat to your Netflix or Blockbuster Online account queues.  It’s a great scene, and the movie ain’t too bad either.


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2 responses to “Borat, Cheese, and the Extraordinarily Patient Supermarket Worker

  1. Dena Walemy

    The supermarket manager is Sean Goldstein, general manager of the Winn Dixie, Sago Avenue, Jacksonville. Sean and Sasha Baron Cohen still correspond; Sasha was impressed with Sean’s patience. When he found out the whole thing was a joke, he took it in good humour but added “If you try it again I’ll whup your ass!”

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