Americans don’t eat the right foods: Well, duh! Look at all the fat people! Get back to Plato’s advice.

Center for Disease Control reports that Americans still don’t eat right:

March 15, 2007 — Fewer than a third of U.S. adults eat enough fruits and vegetables, according to the CDC.From coast to coast, no state (or Washington, D.C.) meets the CDC’s goals for adult fruit and vegetable consumption.People should eat at least five daily servings — two or more servings of fruit, and three or more servings of vegetables — as part of a balanced diet, says the CDC.But today the agency reported that in 2005, fewer than 33% of U.S. adults reported eating at least two daily servings of fruit and barely 27% claimed to eat three or more daily servings of vegetables.

Americans Skimping on Fruits, Veggies

As I’ll evangelize ad nauseam, we need to eat more like the Japanese: lots of vegetables, and a good amount of protein in the form of poultry, fish, and tofu/beans, and pull far, far back on the red meat and fats.

For every meal: Everybody knows that fatty foods fill you up — and lessen your appetite for the veggies. Try eating the veggies up front, make your way second to the protein part of the meal, and save the carbs (bread, rice, etc) and fats (any fried or otherwise fatty parts of the meal, etc) for last. That way you’re sure to get what you need before you’re already full.

And for god’s sake, stay away from or minimize the carbs before you sleep — they sit in your stomach all night and turn into body fat. Keep the carbs for breakfast and lunch.

Lest you think I’m vain for worrying about such things, remember Plato’s sage advice: gymnastic (healthy eating and exercise) for the body, and philosophy for the mind and soul.

There’s no excuse to fail that calling while you still have time. Plus, there’s an added benefit. Whereas it was once thought that brain cells eventually simply stopped growing and multiplying, that’s now known to be false. In fact, exercise has recently been shown to stimulate the growth of brain cells, even in old age. That’s an amazing, but predictable finding: exercise has long been known to improve circulation and to stimulate new blood vessel growth, and the ability of the body to carry oxygen-rich blood to the brain has long been tied to mental fitness/brain health.

Harry the Healthy Eating Evangelizer



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2 responses to “Americans don’t eat the right foods: Well, duh! Look at all the fat people! Get back to Plato’s advice.

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