IslamTube: Snipers and Destruction

Now this is interesting. Everybody knows YouTube, but who knows IslamTube?

Allow me to take a step back to our own majority religion. Yes, there’s also GodTube (catchphrase: “Broadcast Him.”). Looks like the top videos include titles such as “Lyrical,” “Heart for the Lost,” “Baby Got Bible,” and “Creation Short Film.” I nearly forgot “Easter Bunny vs. Pastor Al: Is Easter a Holy Day or a Holiday? You Decide.”

Right, but IslamTube is something completely different. Check out the top-viewed videos and… well, you’ve got, among the top five, “Sheikh Osama ibn Laden” (you can guess the topic,” and “Iraqi Sniper” (ditto). There’s a video mocking President Bush, and a few farther down, “Jihad in Iraq: Destruction.”

I can’t get any of the IslamTube videos to load (thanks, NSA), but it looks like the “Jihad in Iraq” and “Iraqi Sniper” are, yup, those insurgent videos of Coalition Forces dying that you hear about on the news.

I’m really not the type to spend time watching either of these sorts of videos, and hands-off those that want to spend time watching Quran or Bible videos. But the fact that IslamTube apparently–I’m making an educated guess here, since I can’t load the videos–allows these insurgent postings to remain online like this is, frankly, disgusting. I don’t care which side of the war you’re on. And if you’re an Iraqi against the war, you bet these aren’t going to heal the rifts in your country, which were there long before the U.S. invasion.




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5 responses to “IslamTube: Snipers and Destruction

  1. yusuf

    limey ,

    no one cares about your stupid website.

    unless they are a teeneager wanking over lara croft on the PS3 .

    The US kill 100’s o innocent people daily.


    Allahu akbar.

  2. Yusuf,

    Apologies for having to edit your message, but that sort of language has no place on the internet. Thanks for checking us out, and especially for taking a look at this particular story.



  3. a person

    but something happened 2 islamtube. i had an account on there. not that i eva posted anything. now when u go on, it redirects u 2 does any1 noe wat happened?

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  5. demeterius

    I really like….I watch it everyday.

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