UPDATE: Xbox 360 Elite Officially Announced

If you’re a gamer you know what this is, unless you’re living under a rock. For your enjoyment, the picture above takes you to a Flickr gallery of it, and here’s another gallery of pics of the beast.

Yup that’s right, just an update for y’all, the “Zephyr” is officially announced on Xbox.com. Above is the real deal picture of the new 360 Elite’s HDMI port — long the subject of heavy breathing in the rumor mills.

Just about all the speculation as I reported before is true: the 120 gig HD will also be sold separately for “early adopters,” and the information you’ve gathered will be transferrable.

The 360 Elite goes on sale for $480 in late April 07.

Xbox Live’s Major Nelson has a podcast on the 360 Elite, Channel 10 has a “vodcast” of the new gaming/home entertainment marvel, and Flickr (my favorite photo sharing site” has a photo gallery. Check it all out.

Dean Takahashi also has a column on the Elite, arguing that it “may miss the mark.” He also speculates that “[b]y the fall [of 2007] . . . [Microsoft] could be in a very good position to cut prices and put some pressure on Sony.”

If I hadn’t bought the 360 Premium basically on its release date, I’d be snapping up a 360 Elite right now — my 47″ 1080p LCD has HDMI, and I’d be all too happy to use it. Given my not infrequent downloading of Xbox Live Video Marketplace media — HD South Park, HD Superman Returns, some international cartoon festivals, you name it — the 120 gig is my next purchase. I’ll give an in-depth review of what makes the 360 such a good buy in the near future, but for now, my advice is that if you’ve got an HDTV and play games at all, or if you want to be able to very, very easily display home movies and digital pictures on your HDTV and/or download TV shows and movies, the 360 is a fine purchase.

Note also that the Video Marketplace is soon to debut the content/fruit of MS’ new partnerships including media from A&E (eg, Dog the Bounty Hunter, King of Cars, Gene Simmons Family Jewels, etc), National Geographic Channel (Is it Real?, 21 Days to Baghdad, Air Force One), Paramount Pictures (Braveheart, Team America, World Trade Center), ADV Films (Japanese animation), TotalVid.com (action sports), Warner Brothers (direct to DVD releases will be released on Xbox Live on the date they hit the shelves (including the new Babylon 5 movie The Lost Tales), and others.

Lime out.


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