Xbox 360 Elite vs. 60 gig PS3: Xbox 360 arguably the best value

[UPDATE 4, 9 July 2007: Xbox 360 Price Drop Coming Soon? And, PS3/Xbox 360 News Roundup, HERE.]

[UPDATE 3, 7 July 2007: the extended warranty and the “Red Ring of Death.”  Is the 360 still the better value?  Analysis HERE.]

[UPDATE 2, 11 June 2007: Despite denials by Microsoft, indicators are that a price drop is forthcoming, likely by holiday season ’07, that would see the Core dropping to an even more reasonable $199 (far less likely, but even more compelling, would see the Premium drop to $199–which would all but kill the PS3. I’m being hyperbolic, but it would be an exceedingly strong strategic move that would likely quickly cut into the PS3’s hopes to accelerate gains in the market)]

[UPDATED 8 June 2007: A.O.’s new Xbox 360 Elite Review is posted HERE, examining MS’ new 1080p HDMI, 120 gig, top-of-the line Xbox 360 in detail]

Interesting comparison over at, chart format.

If you compile all the costs of the 360 Elite vs. the 60 gig PS3, souping up each to meet the experience offered by the other, the 360 Elite is cheaper, even including the $179 cost of the HD-DVD player on the 360 side.

That’s right, a fully souped up 360 Elite (base price $479) matching all that the PS3 offers costs $849.95, while a fully souped-up PS3 (base price $599) matching everything the Xbox 360 Elite offers costs $857.70. The 360 Elite is cheaper by about $10. Factor in the new $179 price point of the HD-DVD drive, and you get a $829.95 price point, making the 360 Elite “complete package” $30 cheaper.

The fact that you’ve got to toss an additional $400.00 into each system to reach a point of equality demonstrates just how strategic Sony and Microsoft’s choices were in manufacturing these boxes — they’re hedging their bets about what consumers want. And off the bat, Sony decided that the Blu-Ray was non-negotiable — at significant cost to the consumer, and to the significant benefit (albeit possibly temporary) of Sony’s own Blu-Ray DVD format. (We’ll see if the console wars level out as PS3 adoption continues, or if the benefit seen to the format since the PS3’s release continues.)

Of course if you ditch the goal of making “exactly comparable” gaming systems and simply get the eminently playable 360 Elite, with 120 gig HD on its own, and purchase a 12-month Gold Card for Xbox Live, your total is $529.98. The PS3 has only a 60 gig HD, but has the Blu-Ray player — and it costs you $599.99. There, the 360 Elite–certainly as good a next-gen game console as the PS3–is $70.01 cheaper. Moreover, for the large bulk of us (like me), the 360 Premium is perfectly fine: VGA offers full 1080p HD content, beautiful on my 47″ 1080p LCD HDTV, and without the copy protection that HDMI imposes on you (that’s arguably good thing, and adds flexibility), albeit at a[n] (almost unnoticeably) slight diminution in sharpness. And the 360 Premium goes for approximately $365.00 on some online sources, adding in the 12-month Gold package for a total of $414.99, or $442.71 cheaper than the PS3 60 gig “complete package.” Now of course I recognize different people buy different attachments, and that the Live membership is a yearly cost — but that’s something I certainly have no problem paying, given the quality and breadth of Microsoft’s Xbox Live service.

Having slowly begun using the Live Marketplace video offerings, I’ve really come to enjoy being able to quickly download movies and TV shows and begin watching them a few seconds to about 15 – 20 minutes (for very large HD movies) later. I’m quite happy having that access to HD content, and while I did purchase the HD-DVD add-on for the 360 (to be offered at a $179.99 price point), I rarely order HD movies from Netflix — there just aren’t that many available. The Blu-Ray drive in the PS3 is nice, but as MS correctly contends, it’s not that big of a player in the market yet.

So I still count the 360 as the winner. Being the slow starter and beset with many delays, the PS3 has much ground to cover to catch up (despite Sony Senior VP of Marketing Peter Dille’s laughable comment that the 360 is the one catching up). Good luck to Sony, though, because it’s all about, in the end, pushing prices down and getting the best tech to the consumer. A more-even playing field in next gen consoles can only be a win-win situation for us gamers, pushing down prices for consumers and getting better tech to us faster.

And lest I leave it out, the 20 gig PS3 (now discontinued?) sells for a base $549, still some $70 more than the 120 gig Elite. For truly cost-conscious shoppers who still want the next-gen experience, the Core 360 still sells for a reasonable $299.


Lime out



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29 responses to “Xbox 360 Elite vs. 60 gig PS3: Xbox 360 arguably the best value

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  4. Dianne Bonfiglio

    Comment on UPDATE 2:

    How shocking a thought!

    MS, the Big Oil of the Technology Age, pulling an anti-trust-like-below-cost price drop to eliminate the competition!


  5. Right, MS would NEVER do anything like that.
    (Witness: Xbox 360 at release. Though I guess there was no competition back then…)

  6. big sHalls

    (BEST BUY)
    XBOX360 ELITE:$479.99
    XBOX360 HD DVD:$199.99
    PLUS CA TAX 8.25%:=$736.08
    PS3 60gb:$599.99
    PLUS CA TAX 8.25%:=$649.49
    PS3 SAVINGS:$86.59

  7. You didn’t read my post, though I see the point you’re making (and answered it in the post).

    Kindly leave out the intemperate language when you post on others’ blogs.


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  9. Oneil

    did u factor in the price of having to buy 3 xbox 360’s to get one that works? mine broke after 6 months of very very light play and microsoft couldnt figure out the problem so wanted to make me pay over £100 for them to fit new hardware. I loved my 360 was clearly better graphics and has better games than ps3, but after my experiences with microsoft i’de have to say i would get a ps3 in future as they don’t break and if they do sony actually fix em for you.

  10. MS has a 1 year warranty, no? Why would you have had to pay anything?

    Frankly I’m mystified by why MS doesn’t just put this whole “failure rate” issue to rest and release the figures. There’s clearly a group of people who’ve had hardware failures, and the recent guesstimate of a 30% failure rate is clearly meant to prompt MS to release the actual figures.

    I suspect the failure rate is lower, given my (and many others’) experiences with the system, sans failures. But it would be nice for MS to put this to rest: either admit you’ve got a failure problem, and keep the customers happy by replacing quickly and free of charge (which is what I know they’ve done in the few cases I’ve witnessed), or release the actual figures and take the hot air out of this diversionary baloon put up by PS3 partisans and the unavoidable 10% of disgruntled and troublemaking customers every businessman knows he/she is going to get.


  11. Slippery Snake

    I just bought an Xbox360 Elite today. I also have a PS3 and a Wii. Here are my thoughts.

    Just how big do the connectors have to be? The AV connector and the power connector are huge. Its pretty cheezie that the optical output is attached to the AV block and not the Xbox itself. The power supply is a brick, a huge brick!

    After setting the thing up, and turning it on, I went through the setup, and at no point did it ask me about my network. I quickly found the network setup, and found that the wireless is greyed out. Isn’t that nice, it doesn’t come with wireless capabilities. My PS3 and Wii did. M$ pissed me off here.

    The Xbox 360 Elite may be the best Xbox out there, but it certainly looks and feels cheap when sitting next to a PS3. Sorry to all the fanboys out there. I can say it cause I own both of them.

    As for costs, I think that you are way off.

    I’ll use Canadian prices, as that is where I am.

    PS3 $699
    Headset $70
    Total $769

    Xbox Elite $549
    HD Drive 200
    Xbox Live $60
    Wireless $130
    Memory Card Reader $30

    Total $969

    Seems to me that the Xbox 360 system to be made comparable to the PS3 would cost $200 more. Perhaps I am missing something. You should have had a nice clean chart to lay things out and make them crystal clear for everyone.

    In regards to Blu-Ray not being a big player yet, facts show that Blu-ray is gaining ground, and outselling Hd-DVD 3-1 (This depends on who you believe.) Blu-Ray is doing so well, that Blockbuster is going Blu-Ray exclusively for the HD format.

    Also for those that don’t know, the PS3 has the capability of streaming media from computers without any extra hardware. All your pictures, videos and music can be played through your network on the PS3.

    The PS3 has added functionality with Bluetooth, and you can install the Linux OS on it if you want to.

    The PS3 is really lacking in games. The Xbox 360 has a wide selection of games. Sony is promising to change this, but that remains to be seen.

  12. Bahumut

    I have to say I really agree with slippery snake. I own the xbox 360 elite and the ps3. When I bought my ps3, I bought a headset, an extra controller, and a game for 800 (includes Tax) When I bought my elite, i thought I was all set (read a rumor instead of a fact that the elite included wireless) and immediatelly had to go back and pick up some required accessories. Another 100 bucks for wireless (a must since I play in my living room, not next to my router), another 30 for charge cables and quick charge crap (no simple standard usb cable to plug in) another controller (was rather hard to figure out how to connect it btw…felt like a complete moron once I figured out…”Oh, I have to sync the f*****”) But I am not done…I got home a second time…connected it to live…had my game (another 60) and f*** I had to go back purchase a gold membership, and 50 bucks worth of points so I could download anything (Although xbox offers a lot of pictures to download…they are not free) So in the end 499 +99.99 +29.99 + 59.99 + 49.99 + 49.99 + tax = 850 dollars…and I still don’t even have hd-dvd… at least the headset was included lol.

    Now I might sound like a ps3 fanboy…I’m not…Its just sticker shock…everyone kept telling me the ps3 was so expensive and the xbox was so cheap…in the end Microsoft won…I have spent far more on my xbox than my ps3…that’s their goal…xbox understood that people are willing to pay a bunch of small costs more than they are willing to pay one big cost. (Don’t even get my started on the core system…that useless piece of junk should be pissed on and burnt for deceiving consumers even more)

    If you wish to know…right now I am getting achievements for crackdown…waiting for lair, halo, warhawk, gta (for ps3 and later for xbox used), final fantasy, and so on…I like games on both…which is why I have both…I just wish people would stop saying the xbox is cheaper…its not.

  13. SirFightsalot

    sry im only giving a quick reply to bahumut with not alot of

    facts. I agree with you on some points but for the extra

    cost of the “suped up wireless elite” you also get that 120

    gb of memory which u can’t deny is a must if you start

    messing around with alot of media features but other then

    that you proved both systems were fair game 😛

  14. Slippery Snake

    That 120 HD is nice and big. And from what I have heard, it is proprietary, meaning you can’t just stuff any old HD into your XBox 360, it has to be a M$ authorized and tested one. So even if you open up the HD enclosure and stick in a new HD, it probably won’t work with the Xbox360.

    With my PS3, I can upgrade the HD at any time, to any off the shelf 2.5″ Hard drives. So a 120 gig HD in Canada bucks is $119. An Xbox 120 gig upgrade is $209. A 20 gig drive for the Xbox core system is a whopping $129. I can stick in a 160 Gig in my PS3 for the low, low price of $149.

    Bahumut pegged it right in saying that M$ won’t get your cash right out of the gate, they take it here and there in must have upgrades.

    Today, Sony announced that the PS3 is now $549 which is par with the Xbox 360 Elite as far as price goes, so my original figure of $200 difference in favor of Sony is now $300.

    So will people now shut up about how the Xbox is so much cheaper than a PS3. Initially it is, in the long run it ain’t.

    Just a reminder before the flames start, I own both systems.

  15. 1. Poll after poll shows that most consumers right now simply don’t want Blu-Ray or HD-DVD. If you don’t want it, you shouldn’t have to pay for it. This will change, but it hasn’t yet. Sony has its dedicated base, which is driving sales at present, but the installed base for standalone HD players is as follows: HD-DVD is about 150k, and Blu-Ray is about 110k. That’s a pittance compared with DVD player and DVD sales right now. One school of thought believes that the market for downloads might even eclipse HD player sales (Blu and HD-DVD) and make the whole issue moot. Certainly, broadband access is increasing exponentially, FiOS is growing strong, and AT&T’s deals with Apple and MS (including the 360) for IPTV are looking quite promising. Sony’s Blu-Ray advantage might turn out to be an albatross except for the most hard-core fans.

    2. Although MS charges now for Live, it may drop charging for some elements of it (online play, etc). Right now, it has no competition–Xbox Live is the best, and the media is wholeheartedly in support of Live’s dominance. As that change, MS may change tack.

    Slippery, you’ll have to admit that Sony charges for online downloads too. Both Sony and MS are going to “nickel and dime” the consumer in that way–it’s the business model.

    3. Finally, I’d take a 120 gig, HDMI, and a 360 for $479 (soon to be $399) ANYDAY over a PS3 for $499 (US), with 60 gig. I’m already within 30 gig of full on the 120 gig, and I fully expect to use IPTV on release this fall.

    Respectfully, the argument just isn’t as clear as you think it is–pricewise, the 360 (except for harcore gamers who need everything–in which case it’s a wash) is still the more affordable system, and when the price drops come, the pre-Sony price drop situation (360 clearly the cheaper buy) will be clear once again.

    Lime out

  16. Slippery Snake

    Your argument was that an Xbox 360 Elite equipped up to be on par with a PS3 was still cheaper than a PS3. Are you retracting that now?

    Why are you mentioning standalone HD or Blu-Ray player stats? There are people who bought a Blu-ray player in the form of a PS3. You sound like the guys in the HD-DVD camp who don’t want PS3’s counted towards the Blu-Ray stats. I know that if I was a consumer, and you showed me a standalone blu-ray player at $1000 or a PS3 which plays Blu-ray at $659 I would be choosing the PS3. Where exactly are the polls that state that people don’t want an HD format? Have you thought that the people who don’t want Blu-Ray or HD-DVD are waiting for a winner in that format war. Playing it safe as opposed to being stuck with the 21st Century’s version of a BetaMax. They want Hi-Def, they just don’t want the wrong Hi-Def.

    I believe that there will be a market for downloading HD movies, but I think that both the Xbox and PS3 have a major hurdle to overcome. Storage, and more importantly permanent storage. A 1080P movie will be several Gigs. How many movies will the Xbox or the PS3 hold? Several, A few, 10, 20? I already have a Blu-Ray library bigger than that. If my HDD is filled, will I have to delete a movie that I bought, to buy another one? Unless of course you could pay to stream the movie, in which case you get to pay every time you want to watch that movie again.

    Also, Blu-ray might be a small player when compared to conventional DVD sales and rentals. But they are forward thinking enough to know that consumers will switch to a High Definition format. More than that, they are trying to mold the future of the HD format war. And they are being successful according to HD sales and rental stats.

    Does Sony charge for online content? Of course it does. And I have a choice of whether to buy online content or not. My beef was that every other console has wireless – even the lowly Nintendo DS! And I have come to depend on consoles having wireless. Not everyone has internet in their living room. I have to run a network cable from my office to the living room to use the Xbox online. Microsoft feels that $130 is an acceptable price for a wireless network adapter for the Xbox. Both Sony and Microsoft will nickel and dime you for online or software content, but Sony does not do it on their hardware. Microsoft does – Which is my major complaint.

    I don’t care if Microsoft drops the price by $100 on their line of Xbox’s. When you upgrade the Xbox to something close to the PS3 specs, so you can compare apples to apples, the Xbox costs more than a PS3. There is no logic, no stats, no numbers that support a case for Xbox being cheaper in anyway.

    Slippery Snake

  17. Just got my PS3… It’s sweet! The graphics are awesome… I have loads of PS2 games to tide me over as well until the real bad boy games for the PS3 mature and is released.

    The console looks sweet and is wireless… Oh yeah, and the controls are still a good size (xbox… smirk… lol… you call that a control?! It’s a frickin brick!)

    LOVE the motion sensor six axis controllers! Would seriously miss them if I was forced to play an xbox 360… Sheesh… Microsoft have to get with the times man…

    Sure… it was expensive… but seriously folks… I could be playing with conkers if the money meant that much to me…

    Oh yeah… and did I mention… IT’S A PS3! IT ROCKS! For the serious gamer who wants THE FASTEST system out there, but is not willing to compromise on the aesthetic appeal… it’s gotta be PlayStation.

    Xbox might be playing the “quantity” game… but I say… BRIIIIING IT OOOOOOOOON SOOOONY! We gotta kick some MS butt! At the end of the day… Quality is what counts.

    Nuff said…


  18. Shocks

    I live in the UK and I have just calculated how much an Xbox 360 Elite costs. Consol: $425, HD-DVD Drive: $160, Wireless Adapter: $90. All this comes to a quite cheap $675 vs PS3’s $769 or (£345 vs £390). In my opinion the 360 is better value for money and is more user friendley to the much larger population of standard definition user like myself. So minus the HD-DVD player that comes to $515 vs $769 (£270 vs £390). I hope this settles things for people without HDTVs.

  19. sdfJR

    The PS3 also had 1080p capability, internet browser, and their is no charge for online gaming. 360 charges you for the xbox live feature after a while. Playstation has never charged for this. I know it has been talked about since PS2 came out, but they still have never charged for online gaming. I have to tell you. The PS3 on my new 1080p Sharp Aquos television blows 360 out of the water in looks. The design is so sleek. I have one HDMI cable and that’s it. For my money it was PS3.

  20. H Lime…sorry to say but your going in circles above the problem and not really addressing what your topic was originally about. Let me remind you what you wrote:

    “If you compile all the costs of the 360 Elite vs. the 60 gig PS3, souping up each to meet the experience offered by the other, the 360 Elite is cheaper, even including the $179 cost of the HD-DVD player on the 360 side.”

    more specifically in order for the xbox to meet the experience of the ps3, and I actually mean “meet” because the xbox off the shelf is far inferior when your considering “souping up.” Your argument was that at the max the xbox was still cheaper, I demonstrated that it wasn’t, not by a long shot. The difference was the ps3 started out with a lot more of the non-basics like the blu-ray player, wifi, and online services at no additional cost to the gamer. On the other hand xbox had the non-basics, they were just add-ons that required additional finances. In the end xbox showed that it cost more once you get each to its highest level. (Highest level, as in, it includes everything…not just basics, or not just what you want, but everything.)

    Now, if you would like to discuss whether or not you need those non-basics, then you need to create a new blog because that would be off topic. And in the end, what you need, and what I need are completely different, as stated, I cannot go without online play and a wireless card, they were cost that I could not budge on. In your case, you might not need either one, especially if your not a Halo fan, in fact, you might not even need a big hard drive, maybe the Wii is better for you? WHO KNOWS????? Everything about what you need, which was better economic decision for you, is completely pointless information to me.

    Once again, just in case you didn’t get it from the above two paragraphs:

    Your blog was comparing the two systems at max, where there is definite cost for each console that is not arguable. Your comparison found that the xbox was cheaper, you were missing some of the add-ons associated with the xbox, so I revised your estimates, which lead to the favor of the ps3. Its really not something that can be argued in terms of maxes.

    I would note that in the end, the max is almost never necessary, which kind of makes this blog a mute point unless you are a person like me. I have both consoles, I have all of the add-ons for both, I have the 52″ hdtv, I have the 5.1 surround sound, in my case, the differences matter. For the casual gamer, who knows which is right…I think it depends more on your favored gamer genre than anything. If your a Halo fan get an xbox, if you like Warhawk the ps3 is the only way to go, if your Mario addict…well your certainly not going to get your next fix with either of the consoles, the Wii is for you.

    Hope this settles the mixed up arguments that are here.

  21. shooter

    well it all depends on what u want or into. I personally would choose a 360 because im want a gaming system with lots of games NOW… not in a year time. Also with good online gaming… (sucky) ps3 online. And if ur a true gamer u wouldnt mind paying to play the awesome xbox live. Also MS let u get what u want cuz if u bought a ps3 and didnt want a blue ray disk player or will never use it, u just wasted ur money on it…and remember the main thing is that they are gaming consoles…later>

  22. Joe

    I agree with Shooter. The whole entire point of a gaming console is for the games. Don’t call it a gaming console if it is mainly focused on Blu-Ray or HD-DVD. You should just call it a Home Entertainment System. I like how the PS3 throws everything in a big package. In the future I will own a HD-TV. I don’t right now, and I still own a a PS3 and a Xbox 360.

    I will give the winner for each console category

    Games- Halo 3, Gears of War, BioShock, Mass Effect, Deadrising and Crackdown

    Winner: Xbox 360

    Graphics- The cross-platform games are pretty much the same. The exclusive games are graphically, way better than the Xbox 360 exclusives.

    Winner: PS3

    Online- Xbox Live can’t be beat. PS3 is creating something called HOME where you can make your own character and earn trophies. Make a house and everything else you do in an animated life. It still won’t be as good as Xbox Live.

    Winner: Xbox 360

    Multimedia- The PS3 wins for watching movies because you can watch DVD’s and Blu-ray movies. The Xbox 360 only lets you watch DVD movies that are getting outdated. The downloadable content is more available on Xbox Live. You can download HD movies, TV shows, watch live TV in HD, look at pictures and listen to music. The PS3 can only download Blu-ray movie previews and movie trailers for upcoming movies in theatres.

    Winner: Xbox 360

  23. cod gammer

    To be honest I love video games the fact that ps3 doesnt have as many games as 360 does not bother me at all there still too many ps3 games for me to get my hands on. Developers cant even create games that which tap into ps3 potential having 7 cells where as they only use 3 cells (which is btw as much as 360 has), once this happens i gaurentee ps3 games will sore!

    btw this is about cost not about the games. lets not lose sight on the topic

  24. ps3 vs xbox 360
    the features ps3 has more usb ports than xbox and bluray wivh won the format war with it u get built in wi-fi which u can connect to psn and web for free and wireless and the xbox doesint have nwt lyk that so

    ps3 80gb-1 xbox 360 elite-0

    online now while the xbox is 50 a yr the ps3 is free to go on ps home which is unbelievable and the impressive thing to go on the interenet for all for free but the bad thing is that the xbox has more stuff to do lyk market place for movies and everyhting and xbox acarde for demos and games thousands while ps3 has store but it hasint got as much and u get acheivments on xbox that works on every game whilt the ps3 trophies only work on sum and the xbl has 12million users while the ps3 doesint have that many and its easier to tlk to freinds and jump in to games wivout quiting and starting all over again on the ps soo

    ps3 80gb-1 xbox elite-1

    games the xbox 360 has loads of games because release a yr early but the ps3 has loads cumin but if u look the xbox 360 has flodded the market with more games and the xbox gets acces to extra content lyk on gta iv fallout 3 and everthing while ps3 doesint so

    ps3 80gb-1 xbox elite-2

    hardrive well i fink we know who wins theire xbox elite 120gb hdd and ps3s 80gb so

    ps3 80gb 1 xbox elite- 3

    graphics well the e3 awards 2008 sooed that the ps3 had good graphic and got the graphics award on killzone 2 bu the xbox 360 got the best graphics technology so

    ps3 80gb-2 xbox elite-4

    exclusives well the ps3 had loads oof exclusives until they started to releas them on xbox 360 and now the 360 has loads of xbox exclusives so the score is

    price the ps3 still has cut the price down alot so now the ps3 80gb is 399 while the xbox elite is 349 so am gonna give them both that coz theyve both cut the price and am gonna give ps3 an extra point for feature sbecause it wlks over the xbox with the feature

    PS3 80GB-4 XBOX ELITE-5


  25. Danny Ryan

    A PS3 can be picked up a hell of a lot cheaper than the totalled costs of the Xbox 360

    Now to be honest, i find this stupid, you’re comparing a console that’s been out ages, without giving the PS3 the chance to get going

    Now that times past the PS3 has a hell of a lot more to come than the Xbox 360, even MS have said it themselves, they’re isn’t much more to come where Sony are constantly sending out updates

    Plus, Xbox is actuely unable to play certain games like MGS4 as they have small disks
    You’ll actuelly find that anybody who says the PS3 is better is someone who is or has been a owner of a Xbox 360 but turned to the PS3, or just has had a PS3
    This is because they know what a true gaming experience this now is
    One of my mates just recently turned to the PS3 from the 360 and we was discussed why the PS3 was better, one reason is the Xbox 360 starts up like a car engine, no good for the true gamers that are on the PS3 who like to be on it all night, and that’s the reason i’m posting at 1.30 am.

    Xbox gamers say and i’ve heard this said, “Well we have COD4 and that owns all” just shows what noobs Xbox gamers are
    Halo and GOW are the only games the PS3 doesn’t have and Microsoft have actuelly said that they are disapointed with them 2 games as they expected a lot more

    I have played a 360 i know the diffrent
    Now to all the noob gamers out there, play a PS3 before commenting on it

  26. Biswanath

    Hi every1 i got ps3 80gb wich really sucks.. den i bought XBox 360 elite.. it is superb.. game graphics is cool.. much beter den Ps3..

  27. HassaN

    guys , just image quality can make you feel good &
    a little audio quality.
    the others stuff is not the problem!
    so please anyone or somebody give us image HD quality of both console…for better choice.

  28. got the PS3 160gb and well pleased… Warhawk is my fave game although wish the graphics were better.

  29. Thank you for the auspicious writeup. It in fact was a amusement account
    it. Look advanced to more added agreeable from you! By the way, how can we communicate?

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