$19-$29 Xbox 360 "Blackberry” keyboard attachment?

Above: According to photos leaked by the U.K. edition of Gamespot, this is (very likely) the long-awaited keyboard attachment for the 360 controller. 47 keys, attaches to the bottom of your existing 360 controller, and will work (and is intended to work) hand-in-hand with the new Spring Update I reported on recently. It’ll thus be a handy add-on to allow you to conduct some intra-game and during-movie-watching IM-ing with your buddies on 360s and also using PCs and Macs with Windows Messenger.

Wagering a guess based on the questionnaire that was circulated previously by Microsoft,   we might expect this baby to run between $19 and $29.

I repeat–let’s get the video and audio chat with Windows Messenger going too, Microsoft. When that happens, you’ve got the world in your palm–your audience has just increased to families with kids who want to show the kids off to grandparents, relatives who just want to keep in touch with their gaming young’uns… it’s a vastly increased market, and adds one more key element in the fight to prove the 360’s superiority over other home entertainment alternatives. Increasing non-gamers’ exposure to the 360, by chatting PC-360 or Mac-360, is just the sort of continued, useful exposure the 360 needs to prove to on-the-fence prospective buyers that the 360 is a solid, real-world entertainment center and communications device, in addition to being a stellar gaming machine.

Microsoft? PC/Mac audio and video chat? How much longer do we have to wait for Live Anywhere to fulfill its promise?



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