Retro Computing, circa 1930s.

I’m a big fan of retro, if you couldn’t tell by my byline.

Here’s an interesting do-it-yourself-er: mod your keyboard to resemble an old typewriter. This is something I might even bite the bullet, suck some of that precious time out of one of my weekends to do.

I’ve got an undying fascination with the late 19th, early 20th centuries. In my more wistful moments I even fancy I should’ve lived around then–swing dancing, big band music, heck, it’s all leaps and bounds better than much of the shlock we have nowadays. (Though that’s admittedly just a wistful passing fancy — you can’t wrench me away from my gadgets, U2, and Gwen Stefani.) One of my favorite new Doctor Who episodes: The Empty Child/The Doctor Dances.

Looking for a nostalgic walk through foggy Londontown? Fancy a retro keyboard? If so, videos and complete instructions here.

Harry Lime


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  1. Remarkably useful How much time do you spend updating this blog every day? This is my very first comment, I think I like this!. excitement filled 2011

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