Halo 2 for Windows Vista

Should you be considering Halo 2 for Vista, PlayFeed has a great rundown of the improvements over Halo 2 for the Xbox. They are many, but you can read’em after you gaze lovingly at the new Halo 2 Achievements list which, alas, unless Bungie revises their game plan, won’t appear on your 360 (unless, of course, you purchase the Vista version, in which case it’ll add to your Xbox Gamerscore).

Halo 2 Vista Achievements

The improvements, according to PlayFeed:

  1. Achievements
  2. Dedicated PC servers
  3. Custom Multiplayer Maps (create your own maps)
  4. Windows/Xbox Live built-in (includes Messages, Friends, Players, Chat, and Settings, identical — and completely integrated with Xbox Live)
  5. Supports the 360 peripherals on a PC
  6. Much higher resolution
  7. The 2 new maps (recently sold on Xbox Live for $4.00) included free
  8. PC Voice Chat integrated, precisely the same as Xbox Live Chat (and Windows Live and Xbox Live can interact)
  9. “Tray and Play”: installs completely onto the hard drive, no need to leave the disc in the player.

Enjoy, and if you’re on an Xbox/360 Halo 2, join me for a game or two. I’m, of course, HLime.

Harry out.


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