GiSTEQ PhotoTracker / GPS Phototagger: $99

If you, like me, take tons of pictures, and wish you could automatically record the location of each picture taken, this might just be the solution. GiSTEQ is introducing the $99 PhotoTracker, about the size of a key fob, which you manually sync with your camera’s internal clock, toss in your camera bag or pocket, and off you go to shoot pictures. When done, GiSTEQ’s included software automatically tags your photos with a “geotag” indicating the location of each picture.

Of course, this allows spiffy Google Maps custom clickable maps of your photos and where they were taken.

Prognosis: reasonable price, good solution if your camera doesn’t have built-in geotagging (typically only more expensive cameras have this option).

The GiSTEQ PhotoTracker may ordered at the $99.99 sale price here (regular price apparently $129.99).



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