Xbox 360 Elite Review forthcoming…






Work has prevented a more timely post, but this past Sunday, the 29th, I did in fact cave to my more frivolous urges, stand in line at about 10:00 AM, in order to purchase one of these babies at 11:00 AM at the local Gamestop. Review forthcoming. I realize there’s much brouhaha about HDMI, tranfer cables, and the like, and my 2 cents are forthcoming on all of that, as well as whether the 360 Elite is in fact a worthwhile upgrade for existing 360 owners, and how it ranks in the 360 family for new purchasers.

I’ll leave the PS3 comparison for others (at this point, or until Sony elects to fulfill #1 for me), (1) because I don’t have a PS3 to compare it to, and (2) because flamers like Aibric may waste precious Internet bandwidth with ad hominems should I conclude I still think the Xbox 360 is a better buy than the PS3.




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