Looking for the Sheet Music for Windows Vista?

A cocked eyebrow and incredulous expression would be the appropriate response to that question, and before you can say “ludicrous queriosity, Batman!,” here’s the goods:

April 24th, 2007, Microsoft in Australia filed a trademark application for the above Windows Vista startup tune (same as the U.S tune we all have little choice but to tolerate, know and love, and couldn’t care less about).  The ground-breaking tune took 18 months and a team of 20 composers, sound designers, engineers, and developers to brainstorm into its present lean, toned chord progression.

If the law truly doesn’t bother with/tolerate trifles, then I’ll have to change my tune, sing a new song, or otherwise pitch a new tent before the trifle-enforcers start getting pitchy about this post.

Lime out.


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