The Dark Knight: A Not-so-Funny Joker

The Joker in the new film The Dark Knight is not the fun-loving comical version portrayed by Jack Nicholson. Just from his looks, one can tell that this will be a very different character. The Joker will be played by Heath Ledger.

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The Joker, in all his glory (aka, Heath Ledger)

Also making an appearance in this film is Harvey Dent, played by Aaron Eckhart. He even has his campaign website up and running. We only hope that Two-Face, the super-villain alter ego of Dent, is a little more civil during his political debates and avoids dropping F-Bombs, in the style of our fine senator from Arizona. The Joker has his own website that has been on and off-line as of late. Currently, the site shows “Page not found” and a number of letters H and A. To find a hidden message copy all of the text from the Joker’s site to a word document and delete all of the letters H and A. (It would be too easy to just tell you what the message is).




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7 responses to “The Dark Knight: A Not-so-Funny Joker

  1. We’ve been talking about Heath Ledger’s Joker at Highbrid Nation. I’m usually a traditionalist but I think I like the direction they are going in. Though some are saying the recent pic is fake. I honestly beleive it is real.

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  3. heath ledger does not even look like joker and he does not even look like the joker from the batman animated series of 1992. heath ledger looks more like a monkey specially his hair looks oldsyle like the year 80s and I pefer the joker from 1992. heath kedger suckssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    does not look like joker

  4. Whaaa?

    Um Alex, you expect a real human being to look like a cartoon?…(wow). Ledger’s performance in BTDK is different from Jack Nicholson’s because it’s a different film and a different director. Does Batman in any of the movies look like Batman in the comics or the animated shows? of course not.

    Heath Ledger was an interesting choice. Why not see the finished product before you judge the film?


  5. Yeh i cant wait to see how Heath does as The Joker, it was said that he had taken him in a different direction than Jack Nicholson did in the original Batman movie.

  6. I am sure that there are plenty of positives out there, but what have you seen for yourself? I like the way you react to my warm memorial Wanna joke?) What makes a bowling alley so quiet? You can hear a pin drop.

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