Haute Cuisine in Madrid, Spain: Restaurante "NEBRASKA”

Funny of the day: a dear friend of mine is traveling, on business, through Spain. He came upon not one, not two, but three restaurants called “Nebraska” in Madrid, Spain. One of them is depicted above.

Is that not exceedingly odd?

At least they got the red right.

Lime out



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2 responses to “Haute Cuisine in Madrid, Spain: Restaurante "NEBRASKA”

  1. Bob

    It is odd. Friends of ours ran across one of them two years ago while on vacation, and took a picture. Different than yours. Knowing I was a Husker, he e-mailed me the picture as soon as he got back. I asked him “Whats the story.” He said, “I didn’t go in.”

    Of course, he is not much of a sports fan. On his last trip to Florida, he told me the Florida Alligators take their football seriously. I bit my lip. I want him to spread the word about the “Alligators.” My wife even laughed when I told her. 🙂

  2. Megg

    Foreign exchange students came here to Nebraska and loved it so much they went back home and did that. That’s the story :))

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