Halo 3 Box Art, Hot off the Presses

I’m surprised to find myself posting this. Below: the Halo 3 box art. I’m posting it because I’m likewise surprised to find that I really like this box. It’s an image drawing from the atmospheric and very classy (entirely worthy of Bungie and the Halo series) “Finish the Fight” Halo 3 trailer, which if you haven’t seen, you’re missing out. I’ve not fallen prey to the popular “product unboxing” videos, and I certainly will not be posting an unwrapping video of my copy of Halo 3. Nonetheless, here it is. And it’s beautiful:

Halo 3 releases September 25, 2007.

Thanks to IGN.




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6 responses to “Halo 3 Box Art, Hot off the Presses

  1. I find that the story is jumping around a lot. First it was that other box art found on Amazon.com and now this. I first found out about this on the xbox.com site.

  2. Yup, you’re right. Xbox.com officially carries the above photo as the final box. Check it out: http://www.xbox.com/en-US/games/h/halo3/.


  3. yea that’s the exact page I was talking about. That is where I first found out.

  4. Dianne Bonfiglio

    Are you going to post your review of the Beta?

  5. that is pretty cool if you ask me 😀

  6. found out I will bookmark this and keep an eye on updates. I really like the point you are making with your last paragraph.. Continue

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