Haditha Update: Sharratt Passed Polygraph

The Article 32 investigation into the charges against LCpl Sharratt continue. He was one of the Marines involved in the fighting at Haditha. During questioning by NCIS LCpl Sharratt claimed that the first man he shot, on that day in Haditha, was holding an AK-47. The NCIS agent, SA Mannle, reviled that LCpl Sharratt was given a polygraph examination in April 2006 and there was no sign that he was deceptive. Again, LCpl Sharratt passed the polygraph.

During cross-examination by LCpl Sharratt’s lawyer, SA Mannle “confirmed that Marines seized several AK-47 rifles and a suitcase allegedly containing Jordanian passports from the Ahmed compound the day of the killings. She said her agency wasn’t able to track down these items, which might have linked the Ahmed brothers to insurgent activity.”

So now we know the following:

  • NCIS interviewed witnesses for one hour
  • LCpl Sharratt passed the polygraph
  • NCIS did not record the interviews
  • NCIS lost the suitcase containing Jordanian passports and AK-47 rifles seized at the scene

For a good review of the differing coverage of the Haditha story see the Democracy Project.




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4 responses to “Haditha Update: Sharratt Passed Polygraph

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  2. 4packmom

    Unbelieveable! Why are we wasting government time, rescources and the valueable time of a military hero? The far left agenda has invaded the NCIS. Let these guys go and give them the heroes return they deserve

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