What American do YOU speak?

16-question test here that reveals the brand of American smack that you speak. I, for one, am a Midlander. Check it out HERE. The head-scratcher moment for me came when I got to: How do you pronounce “Mary,” “Merry,” and “Marry”–all different, or do you pronounce “Mary and Merry” the same, but “Marry” differently?

This produced one of those SAT- and ACT-killing moments, when I lapsed into extreme navel-gazing, utterly unable to decide. As far as I can tell, I pronounce “Mary” and “Marry” nearly identically, but “Merry” differently.

Not that I’ll ever bother thinking about this again — last time I worried about this, I was beside myself that mid-Illinois farmtown residents pronounced “root” like “foot,” and “creek” like “crick.”

Sed quid in infernos dicit.

Lime out


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