Flickrvision and the Internet Map Craze

I’ve just discovered Flickrvision, a very entertaining new web app created by web developer David Troy.  It’s a running “stream” of photos in near real-time as they’re being posted to Flickr, superimposed on a map of the Earth, showing you where the pictures originate.  The site’s simply intriguing, and showcases the power of the internet.  Take a look.

An article over at also details just how broad this new internet mapping craze has gone, from the now taken-for-granted mapping technology in Google Maps and Windows Live Earth that enables users to immediately map and find the closest sushi bars, to Google Street View (allowing you to navigate city streets in 3D, as if you’re walking down the street), to sites that allow the addition of user-selected and statistical data to manipulable maps like Geocommons and Swivel, to the social-networking sites like Flickr.  Check out the PBS article here.



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  1. texflix

    Very cool. Thanks for sharing.

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