Xbox 360 gains, PS3 falls, after release of Elite

This new interactive chart released at Swivel indicates that the release of the Xbox 360 Elite coincided with a both a steep pickup of Xbox 360 sales, and a gradual drop in PS3 sales. The Wii saw a simultaneous increase in sales, lending credence to Microsoft’s line that the Wii and 360 are “complementary to each other” and are not in competition, but rather their successes would each draw from Sony’s user/potential userbase.

[Orange: Wii sales; Purple: Xbox 360 sales; Blue: PS3 sales ]

I don’t see any causal connection here with the Elite and the steep Wii pickup in sales, but the graph is telling: from January 2007 to June 2007, the 360 numbers have dipped and then surged back, while the PS3 numbers are still declining. The many recent business reports calling for Sony to drop the PS3 price very soon to remain competitive are gaining urgency, but how a PS3 price drop will interact with the likely upcoming 360 price drop, and whether it can buoy Sony’s prospects, are unclear.

An interactive graph depecting life-to-date total sales data of the Xbox 360, Wii, and Sony’s PS3 is located HERE.

Stay tuned to the charts and data for how the second half of 2007 pans-out.




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4 responses to “Xbox 360 gains, PS3 falls, after release of Elite

  1. Dianne Bonfiglio

    Do you recall Bill Gates’ comments at E3 last year?

    “All you need is a 360 and a Wii!”


    As a gamer, I personally have absolutely no use for the Playstation. Sony needs to get with the program and make something that actually appeals to people. Innovate or Die, Sony!!

    PS – there is no legend in the above graph 😦

  2. Dianne
    Thanks for the catch — will fix. If you all click through to Swivel, you’ll get the fully interactive chart.

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  4. Dianne Bonfiglio

    Welcome, Mr. Lime 🙂

    You might be interested in this:

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