HLime: Go F*** Yourself!

HLime as the owner of this blog would be justified in firing yojoe for the above statement. But, would yojoe be entitled to unemployment benefits?

The answer is yes, in Minnesota at least. In Williams v. Brooklyn Center Motors, LLC, the Minnesota Court of Appeals held that Williams was “not disqualified from from receiving unemployment insurance benefits because his conduct was a single incident that did not have a significant adverse impact on the employer.” Williams was asked by the sales manager, of the car lot where he worked, to clean some litter from the premises. Williams told the manager he could go “f-ck himself.” This course of action by Williams did not qualify as “misconduct” as defined by Minn. Stat. section 268.095.

So all of you can now tell your bosses, friends, family members, and any other people you meet, to go “F*** themselves.” Wait, you might not want to do that. While not misconduct, it is just not nice to do.

Sorry Lime




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2 responses to “HLime: Go F*** Yourself!

  1. I’m speechless, but having given careful consideration to an appropriate response as your employer, I’ve decided to keep you on in a probationary status.

    A review of my own headlines ranging from the Loredana Nesci episode to Glenn Greenwald’s class action suit reveals that both I, and now you, have apparently fallen prey to sensationalist headlines. Therefore, in honor of you and me, I’m hereby renaming this blog for one whole day “Rupert Murdoch on the Potomac.”

    Great post. I know nothing (yet) about unemployment benefits. I’ll try to gin up a good line when I’m on my way out, though, in light of the news.

    Lastly, I’m sure I deserved it. Same back to you.


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