Xbox 360 sales increase 300% in Japan (June 11-17)

 On a second notable occasion, the Xbox 360 has now seen a significant rise in hardware sales in Japan tied to releases of Japanese-friendly software titles. Signs and portents of further good fortune or another blip on the radar?

Media Create Company reports today that, last week, the 360 sold three times the number of units from June 11-17 (7,583 units) over the previous week (2,533). The PS3, from June 11-17, sold 9,481 units. Punchjump reports the sales were buoyed by both debuts of Namco Bandai’s RPG Trusy Bell, and Capcom Co.’s Dead Rising Platinum Collection, which each ranked in the top 50 of software sales.

This pales in comparison to the temporary leap to 35,000 units sold in Blue Dragon’s debut week in December 2006, but represents a significant temporary increase in sales in the Japanese market, which has perpetually challenged Microsoft.

Keep tabs on Media Create’s weekly report to see if this spells a glimmer of hope for MS in the Japanese market, or it, as with the Blue Dragon release, represents only a temporary blip.

While MS has much more diligently courted the Japanese market with its Xbox 360 than with the previous Xbox console, the Japanese market has proved stubborn. Time will tell if the courtship results in a match.


[UPDATE 28 June 07: For the week 18-24 June 07, the 360 dropped to 3,369 units.  Looks like the 300% increase was temporary.  HL]



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7 responses to “Xbox 360 sales increase 300% in Japan (June 11-17)

  1. Yeah Xbox wasnt selling that well in Japan. I’m glad it picked up this week. Do you happen to know the selling rate of the Wii for that week?

  2. Wii continues to leave the competition perpetually gobsmacked and dazed. It was 65,521 units during the week of June 11-17. HL

  3. just curious if you could let me know the sale figures for the 360 this time last year

  4. In Japan, June 2006 saw 6,818 units sold (Xbox 360).

    June 2007 (actually, May 28th – June 24th, best I could do), Japan saw 15,704 units sold (Xbox 360).

    U.S. sales in July 2006 were 206,000. No comparison, of course, but it’s an improvement for the 360 in the Japanese market.


  5. Correction to my above guesstimate: Japanese publisher Enterbrain reports that the Xbox 360 sold 17,616 units in June 2007.


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