iPhone/Mac Guru Steve Jobs to Disney: Cut the Crap

Steve Jobs new iPhone is getting mostly rave reviews (check out WSJ’s Walt Mossberg’s video review HERE), and Steve Jobs’ name again gets linked with eminently good taste.

Journey to a New World (Widescreen)Bambi II

Lion King II - Simba's Pride (Special Edition)

In an equally smart move, Mr. Jobs, who’s both a member of Disney’s Board of Directors and Disney’s largest shareholder, was reportedly a “decider” (or at least an “influencer”) in Disney’s wise announcement last Friday: Disney will no longer make those atrocious direct-to-DVD animated sequals.

Parents everywhere: rejoice.

Those of you who are parents know that those DVDs are enjoyed by few in the family but the little ones who are sucked in by the lure of those (erstwhile) luminous characters from the originals.

Or, as Mr. Jobs put it: “If you look at the quality of [the direct-to-DVD] sequals it’s pretty embarrassing.”

Hear hear. We save money, and Disney puts its money into more quality original fare.


Reported in Yahoo News


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One response to “iPhone/Mac Guru Steve Jobs to Disney: Cut the Crap

  1. baby221

    Well, I do have to admit that The Lion King 1.5 was pretty hilarious. But yeah, most of the direct-to-video sequels are awful.

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