Sid Meier’s Civilization for next-gen consoles

If you’ve ever played Civilization and also ever been addicted to the game (usually, these two go hand in hand), you’ll be happy to know that Take 2 Games has just announced that Civ is coming to “next generation consoles and handhelds” in Spring 2008. (I recall hours wasted playing Civ during both high school and college, and I know the family will be none too happy about the release.)

And it doesn’t sound like a dumbed-down version, but rather, along the lines of the original, a “strategy game,” with the addition of “auto-matching, ranked games, leaderboards, achievements, downloadable extra content and integrated video and voice chat.”

Sounds promising. If you haven’t taken the leap yet to consoles, read the reviews of Battle for Middle Earth II and Command and Conquer for the 360, each of which proved that strategy games had indeed come into their own on consoles, and that the PC could no longer claim dominion over the strategy market.

Link to the video trailer is HERE.




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3 responses to “Sid Meier’s Civilization for next-gen consoles

  1. insidesportsgeek

    Great news ! I still play this on my PC. My fav are I and II. Have you played Alpha Centauri?

  2. Have not–but have had lots of recommendations from friends. Hopefully it makes its way to the 360 as well!

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