E3 Live Blogging

It’s 11:30, EST, and Peter Moore’s on stage. Nice live rendition of the Halo music by a band from Illinois.

Montage of upcoming 360 games: Mass Effect still looks great–looking forward to it. BioShock also.

12:00 AM: Nice game montage of upcoming Arcade games: Marathon: Durandal! Finally, it’s official! All Halo/Bungie fans, rejoice–a little nostalgia online gaming wil be a nice break between Halo 3/Halo 2 matches.

Nice: 12:08, MS VP Jeff Bell announces an agreement with Disney to bring “their huge library” of past and current hits in HD to Xbox Live. Clips included: Tarzan, Hercules, Emperor’s New Groove, Armageddon, Sky High, Waterboy, Bad Company, Unbreakable, Brothers Grimm, Bringing, Venus. All available tonight in HD.

12:10, Bell announces that by end of 07, Canada and Europe will have Xbox Live Marketplace downloads. August 24th, the Elite will be launched in Europe.

12:15: PGR 4, coming Sep 07, looks very nice, great lighting and weather effects–motorcycles. “PGR On Demand” apparently will allow players to share photos and videos online. Sounds kitchy. Trailer looks great, though.

12:18: Bell back, touting Alan Wake, Fable 2, Halo Wars, Too Human, and announces a partnership between Peter Jackson and Bungie to tell a new Halo story (the movie we’ve heard about before). Now on to Lost Odyssey.

Lost Odyssey trailer looks fantastic–like a great Miyazaki movie in style.

Bell touts Blue Dragon, Mass Effect, and Lost Odyssey as the reason the 360 is the console of choice for holiday ’07 for RPG fans. I’m buying the argument.

12:20: Bell announces (confirming the rumors) Gears of War for Windows (both XP and Vista), with “big surprises” and extra content (5 new chapters, a new multiplayer mode and arena, and new achievements).

12:25: Peter Moore back, announces the partners who are supporting Games for Windows Live: Sega, Eidos, and THQ, and announces there will be more than 12 GfWL by end of year. Also, GfWL will be written into the Epic Unreal 3 Engine, making it easier for writers to use GfWL.

12:35: Call of Duty 4 looks fantastic, both 360 and GfWL.

12:40: a game that won’t launch in 07, but it’s 360 exclusive: Resident Evil 5. Nice 360 footage. July 26th, the full trailer will be on Xbox Live Marketplace.

12:43: Assassin’s Creed. Beautiful draw distance. Gorgeous graphics and fluidity. Wow–the chase sequence is amazing, all played by Ubisoft staff real time. Release date Nov 07. I’ll be getting this one.

12:50: live action short about Halo 3. Very nice–shots of recuits having their heads shaved, armories full of MasterChief armor, Warthogs being assembled… nifty.

Also announces the new grey 360 SKU–“Halo Nation”–along with “Halo Themed” accessories.

Finally, a great Halo 3 movie (the opening sequence from H3?)

Bottom line: nice presentation, some real stunners in there. But, no price drop as I’d predicted (I predicted at E3 or soon thereafter). We’ll see if MS makes the move soon, which it really needs to to recoup the public affairs loss from the RROD issue, plus the PS3 price cut.

Lime signing out.


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  1. div

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