$100 price cut on all Xbox 360 SKUs, 1 August? (RUMOR) [UPDATED 24 Jul 07]

I post this with a note of caution, I know nothing about the source. Nonetheless, Zero Iscariot over at Destructoid reports news today from

a very good source within a major Canadian retailer that guarantees that despite the lack of a cut at E3 this week, the Xbox 360 will drop $100 across all SKU’s. When? Sooner than you think. AUGUST 1ST.

Prices, the source says, will then be as follows:

-Xbox 360 core, $199 American (with pack-in memory unit!)

-Xbox 360 Premium, $299 American

-Xbox 360 Elite, $449 Canadian, possibly $399 American

This would be, as you’ll recall from my prediction, the “killer” move from Microsoft. Not only would the entry level Core undercut the $249 Wii price, but the Elite, if $399 or thereabouts, would again be clearly positioned to trump the recent PS3 pricing, HD/Blu-Ray be damned (and I’ll again predict a drop in the HD-DVD drive–and, of course, notice the 120 gig HD that trumps the PS3’s 60/80 gig mini-drives).

Also note that the new PS3 price drop wasn’t entirely about staying competitive–it was also a “clearance” sale. Reports today have emerged that after the 60-gig PS3 SKU sells out in the U.S. and overseas (Sony says the $499 SKU stocks should last “several months” in the U.S.), Sony has no plans to replace that price SKU. Then again, this could be code that the 80-gig’er could drop to $499. However, dropping prices $100 only 8 months after release, and then another $100 a few months later, tells consumers just how very narrow the margins are in the “Console Wars.”

If true, we’ll be hearing increased “chatter” about this (rumored) drop in the coming weeks. Stay (on the edge of your seats) tuned.

Lime out

Updated 24 July: Another site, XboxScene, reports they have information (just as vague as the above: an unspecified “source”) that a price drop will occur on 8 August. Having heard precious little about either price drop, I’m tending towards thinking both of them rumors that won’t come to fruition anytime soon. Nonetheless, fanboys, cross your fingers that MS’ll make the right move and stay King of the Hill.


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