Parker Second Amendment Case headed to SCOTUS

We reported earlier that Parker v. District of Columbia, 04-7041 (D.C.Cir, 9 Mar 2007), the D.C. Circuit Court that struck down parts of the 31-year old D.C. gun laws as unconstitutional, was headed to the Supreme Court.

Not surprisingly, today that became a reality. Although the petition was due August 7th, D.C. officials announced today they’d be asking for a 30 day extension to file their petition. At a press conference, Mayor Adrian Fenty announced: “We have made the determination that this law can and should be
defended and we are willing to take our case to the highest court in
the land to protect the city’s residents. Our handgun law has saved
countless lives–keeping guns out of the hands of those who would
hurt others or themselves.”

If SCOTUS takes the case, it will be only the second time in 70 years that the Court has considered the breadth of the Second Amendment.

More as the case develops.

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