An open letter to Bethesda Softworks

From: Aidyn

To: Bethesda Softworks

Re: Fallout 3 – please don’t fuck this up.

fallout 3 pic

First of all, I do want to thank you for all the work that you did in the first place in keeping my love alive.

After the demise of Interplay due to bankruptcy, you bought the IP rights to make a single player game. And I am grateful. While I’m not going to recreate the entire history of the development process, lets just say that I’m grateful that you took on the reins.

Now your credentials are noteworthy. The Elder Scrolls franchise is pretty respectable. While not my personal cup of tea, it has great graphics and many people love the gameplay. Fileplanet even has a dedicated tab for Oblivion mods. I also am one of the 5 people that bought and liked Sea Dogs.

But just because you buy something doesn’t mean you can turnaround and abuse it. Now I am willing to compromise. I understand that, in order to make money and make even better games, you need to bastardize it for those next-gen consoles. I am also tolerant – barely – of the fact that turn-based action will take a back seat (again, due to the console thing). And as I don’t personally have millions of dollars to contribute to development, I understand that sometimes we must do shameful things in order to survive.

But as the Architect stated so profoundly to Neo – “There are levels of survival we are prepared to accept.”

In other words – take a note from Transformers. It wasn’t really cannon, but more importantly, it wasn’t blasphemy. It was entertaining without being good.

Now I want you to be different in that F3 should both entertaining and good. This shouldn’t be that hard, really. You’re dealing with a license that created before most of us had real jobs. Now that we’ve grown up, nostalgia alone should satisfy this.

But most importantly, remember that what you’re dealing with is not for the “casual gamer.” It’s for us. The community.

Please oh please oh please – don’t screw this one up. Thanks, and thanks again for all that you do.


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One response to “An open letter to Bethesda Softworks

  1. Aidyn

    Keep in mind that folks at the office are also huge Fallout fans. Our devs are really doing what they can to make a great Fallout game. It might not be “your father’s Fallout,” but with an open mind, I think you will enjoy it when it’s released.



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