Islamtube Part II: Turk hacks Islamtube

You might recall my post back in March about IslamTube entitled “IslamTube: Snipers and Destruction.” Bottom line, IslamTube back then (hold on before you excoriate me for not updating my sources) featured such crowd-pleasers as videos of jihadists blowing up Coalition forces, and Zawahiri tapes–much unlike the cheery GodTube.

IslamTube HackedWell, turns out somebody has now hacked IslamTube, rendering it useless. Hopefully forever–thanks to good old freedom and democracy, it appears that citizens of fellow democracy Turkey have hacked the abomination. Now appearing on the IslamTube front page: a lovely picture of Turkish nation-founder Ataturk, the Turkish flag, and some music (Turkish national anthem?).

Now to be fair, there were positive Islamic videos on the site: and so, sincere apologies to our reader (named “a person”) who pointed out that IslamTube now directs him to another site (“”).  I also found myself redirected to, before the second attempt that brought me Ataturk.

I’ll take Ataturk over Jihadists anyday. Long live Turkey!

(And by the way: hacking is often illegal.  Don’t do it.)




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2 responses to “Islamtube Part II: Turk hacks Islamtube

  1. a person

    thank you lime whoever u r. ok now i noe wat happened. oh, and im not a guy.

    ~a person

  2. anonymous

    How stupid can you get? You contradict yourself when you speak about freedom and democracy on one hand and then condemn a website for showing controversial videos – nonetheless practicing freedom of opinion & speech!

    Did Kemal (ataturk was not his last name, as noone knows who he was born from) practice democracy? If you claim he did, is that why he killed and imprisoned thousands of people for not agreeing with him and not blindly following him? He is the worst example for democracy as he was clearly a dictator working against anything to do with Islam. Watch any documentary and you will see what I mean.

    Now I know there are ignorant and nationalistic people who boast about kemal, but let me ask – what is that he to be boasted about? Working against Islam? So much for freedom and democracy…What a joke!

    On a side note, he may be praised by a few, but he is still cursed by thousands for killing innocent people and forcing people to change their lifestyle.

    Educate yourselves…

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