Exactly who is buying the Wii???

2 stories were released today that seem to be a contradiction in terms. Both stories involve NPD – a market research firm. Taken together, they could indicate that Nintendo’s recent dominance will eventually evaporate.

The first is from TG Daily. They are reporting that NPD’s latest data indicates that Nintendo’s Wii outsold both Xbox 360 and Sony’s Playstation 3 combined. If your too lazy to jump, all you need to know is according to NPD’s latest data, the Wii was the top selling next-gen home console system for the month of June, with 380,000 units sold last month. The Xbox 360 took its usual #2 spot with 198,000 units and the PS3 lagged behind once again with only 98,000. (AO would report this ourselves, but we seem to be a little short on research capital. Or even a coffee machine.)

In contrast – NPD itself is reporting that “heavy gamers” have eight times the purchasing power of “average gamers.” According to their report, of the 191 million gamers who personally play games on PC/Mac or video game system, 33 percent are Avid PC Gamers, 22 percent are Secondary Gamers, 20 percent are Avid Console Gamers, 15 percent are Mass Market Gamers, 8 percent are Casual Kid Gamers and 2 percent are Heavy Gamers.

But at 2 percent, Heavy Gamers are the smallest gamer segment, yet they purchase more than six times as much per individual and eight times more than the average gamer in the last quarter on video games (console, portable and PC) than the largest segment, Avid PC Gamers.

In other words, you can’t ignore the gamer community, because they determine what makes/breaks a game in terms of sales.

While I’m slightly impressed that my guess about the sales number of the Wii was correct, I still have to wonder – who exactly is buying this thing? If you had to pick one console, would it really be a Wii? And more importantly- will the people buying Wiis continue to purchase additional games?

I get that casual gamers are buying the Wii. I don’t get that gamers are buying it and supporting it.


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