Halo 3: 4-Player Online Co-op (CONFIRMED)

Sweetness and light.

That’s how I respond to Bungie’s press release today.

The 4 online-playable co-op characters.

All the hubbub about whether or not Bungie would have online co-op at all was wasted energy–online co-op was never in question. Bungie today released that it was, in fact, whether 4-player online co-op would work out was the only question.

It will.

According to today’s press release, 4-player co-op will work in Campaign mode either on Xbox Live, or on System Link. You join co-op from the Lobby, and the playable characters include the Master Chief, the Arbiter, or one of two new Elite characters (identically performing Elites, pictured above, named N’tho ‘Sraom, and Usze ‘Taham). Sorry–only one Master Chief and Arbiter can play per party.

Brilliant. Now if only I can get Aidyn to lay down his guitar and pick up an assault rifle.

Lime out


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