Hamandia Update: Sgt Hutchins, USMC, Found Guilty of Murder

Sgt Lawrence G. Hutchins III.USMC, was found guilty of murder, conspiracy to commit murder, making a false official statement, and larceny. He was also acquitted of the greater charge of unpremeditated murder. Sentencing will likely continue tomorrow, 3AUG07.

Cpl Marshall L. Magincalda, USMC, was found guilty, on 1AUG07, of larceny, housebreaking and conspiracy to commit the following: murder,kidnapping, larceny,obstruction of justice, false official statement and housebreaking. There has yet to be a sentence in his case.

Cpl Trent D. Thomas, USMC, also involved in the death of the Iraqi civilian, was sentenced to time served, reduction to the rank of private (E-1), and a bad-conduct discharge, on 20 July 2007. Cpl Thomas was found guilty of kidnapping and conspiracy to commit larceny, housebreaking,kidnapping, false official statements, and murder for his involvement in the death of an Iraqi civilian on April 26, 2006, near Hamdania,Iraq.

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6 responses to “Hamandia Update: Sgt Hutchins, USMC, Found Guilty of Murder

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  2. GW

    Funny how the media lables people. Now this Marine is a “RINGLEADER”! That just makes me laugh! They could not come up with anything better?

  3. b

    Its amazing that we punish our soilders for crimes they may commit but what about the thousands of troups that are killed by the other side? Are they punished by their leaders if when they kill an American? Do we punish the failed suicide bombers the same way? That poor Marine must have felt in some way that he or his unit would be attacked and was possibly scared out of his wits to simply drag the man from his house and shoot him. There’s always another side…..

  4. Nads

    9/11 occurred in part because of our government’s history of supporting and arming murderous regimes in the mideast, resulting in a massive death toll. I have to assume that the above poster is as forgiving of the suicide bombers, and sympathetic to the other side of THEIR story, as well.

    Because if they aren’t, then their post reads as a Nazi-sympathizer trying to justify an obvious war crime because it happens to have been committed by a uniformed American.

    Defending this trash lowers you to the same level. War crimes aren’t exactly “debateable” points, at least, not for those of us with a functioning moral compass.

  5. Kathleen T Hutchins

    My son in his heart remains an Honorable Marine. He vowed
    he would bring his men back to their families and he did. At
    war you do what you must to survive and without any doubt
    I know that is what they did. They were in an area where
    Angels fear to tread without anybody to help them day in and day out. My son has lost his life for this Country please
    don’t any of you ever forget that. His heartbroken Mother.

  6. Steve Bryant

    I am sure in a civilian court he would be home. Americans in general feel a great deal of respect for our soldiers, we may not always believe in the cause, but we stand behind our troops. Out of respect for Ms. Hutchins I would appreciate no negative comments on this issue. He is still an American soldier who did fight for his country. Lest we forget….

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