Xbox 360 Premium confirmed shipping with HDMI

It is now confirmed that HDMI will now be shipped on all XBOX Premium units that were made after July 4, 2007. A sticker on the front of the box will notify consumers if the Xbox 360 in question is HDMI compatable.

Remember that while component cable will support up to 1080i, only HDMI will support 1080p. Currently, no good game is actually running 1080p. Not even the upcoming HALO 3 will support 1080p. The only people who can take advantage of this will be the people who bought the HD-DVD player add on, as HD-DVD’s are one of the few sources projecting in 1080p.

Private note to H. Lime – Um, you realize that the PS3 came standard with this, right?




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3 responses to “Xbox 360 Premium confirmed shipping with HDMI

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  2. Private note? Errr….

    But yeah, the overpriced glossy paperweight did come with HDMI, but forgot to include the hardware upscaling to 1080p that the 360 included, standard, in all models.

    Yes, I know.

    Simply more evidence lending credence to Anandtech’s conclusion that the two consoles both have pluses and minuses, but in the end it’s a wash. Which leaves us to the games… Halo 3 upscaled via hardware to 1080p… nice.

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