BioShock demo now on XBL

The BioShock demo popped up on XBL today, August 12th. It’s had some very positive reviews by those who’ve seen the pre-release product, so many of us are holding out high hopes. It’s, in short, a sci-fi game set in an underwater, Ayn Rand-inspired Utopia called “Rapture,” which is riven by civil war and rampant genetic modifications and experiments. The theme appears to be very 30’s and 40’s retro sci-fi, and it’s a first-person shooter. Available for download now.

BioShock Screenpic




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2 responses to “BioShock demo now on XBL

  1. If you have never played System Shock 2, you are missing out on one of the scariest gaming experiences ever. BioShock is the spiritual successor to SS2.

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