Haditha Update: SSgt Wuterich Article 32 Day 1 and 2

During the first day of testimony, the prosecution called LCpl Humbertoart.wuterich.ap.jpg Mendoza to the witness stand. LCpl Mendoza testified that he never saw SSgt Wuterich kill any Iraqis inside either of the two home, that 19 November 2005, in the town of Haditha, Iraq. LCpl Mendoza finished his testimony by stating “I think he’s a great Marine, sir,” after questioned about his opinion of SSgt Wuterich.

This began the Government’s presentation of evidence against Staff Sergeant Frank Wuterich in his Article 32 investigation into 18 charges of murder arising from his actions in Haditha. The investigation is being conducted by LtCol Paul Ware who has the responsibility of investigating the facts underlying these charges and making a recommendation as to which, if any, of the charges will be sent to a court-martial.

In addition to eyewitness testimony it is anticipated that footage from an unmanned aircraft will be introduced.


“Aerial footage from an unmanned drone in the minutes after the bomb blast shows several bodies clustered close to a car. The tape obtained Thursday by The Associated Press also shows Marines engaged in several other gun fights in the city that day.”

The video is available here.

LtCol Ware was the investigating officer for LCpl Stephen B. Tatum and and LCpl Justin L. Sharratt, in both cases he recommended no charges.

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For more information: Haditha Investigations and Jim Hanson, of Blackfive.net, has an excellent analysis of the evens in Haditha, Iraq on 19 November 2005.


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  1. James P. Reilly

    Good AP article today indicating that the investigating officer is recommending that no murder charges be brought against SSgt Wuterich. The most important of the article is the last paragraph which says (in part) “Though prosecutors have yet to score any convictions…” In Roman times, such lack of success would have resulted in someone falling on their sword. Gosh, they still issue swords to Marine officers. Maybe it’s time for some of these charge bringing, unsuccessful, lawyer, prosecutor types to get out the old sharpening stone.

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