Babylon 5: The Lost Tales non-spoiler Review (Worth the HD download on XBL)

Did you ever go to a reunion and see old friends that you haven’t talked to in years? People who you just generally lost touch with and who you immediately start to catch-up with? You start remembering all the good times you both had? And then it’s time to go?

That sadness is pretty much how I felt after watching this movie in HD. If you were even remotely a Babylon 5 fan, download this movie in HD.Babylon 5 in HD is what the show should have been. Details that I never knew show up in high-resolution. Docking bay decals, uniform patches, and Minbari technology all really come alive.

There are two stories. One is centered around (now) Colonel Elizabeth Lochley. No explanation is given as to the change in rank. The other is centered around President John Sheridan. Galen, a techno-mage from the spin-off Crusade makes an appearance. Both stories display the wit and humor that made the original TV show so endearing. Of interest is that both storylines are compatable with both the television series and the subsequent books that were released. But no dramatic plot lines are advanced either.

It’s clear that Babylon 5 was meant to be watched in HD. Apparently you can only watch it in HD by downloading it via X-box live marketplace. While the EULA prohibits you from saving the moving to your hard drive, the all-too-brief CGI space combat scenes are worthy of multiple replays. I would have loved to see the opulence of the Royal Centauri Palace in HD (if they could ever pull it off).

The only thing negative about the stories was the empty feeling that I couldn’t shake. Babylon 5 was like NYC; it was always bustling & teeming with life. The show reflected this by constantly putting extras in shots when main characters would pass by. Understandably due to budget constraints, there are not that many extras in the stories. To me, this just lead to a feeling of emptyness.

In sum, definitely buy/rent/download this on XBL. If you’re still reading, that means your must be a fan. The good news is that Wikipedia is reporting that stories involving Michael Garabaldi and Londo Mollari are planned for the next release. Hopefully we won’t have to wait too long for them.


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