Obtaining a Name Change in Montana


Apparently this spurned husband didn’t take it so well when his wife entered into
a dalliance on a business trip.  William L. Managhan of the Managhan & Kortum-Managhan Law Firm, reportedly sent the following email to the entire membership of the Montana Trial Lawyers Association, detailing exactly how best to change your name in Montana:

Managhan & Kortum-Managhan Law Firm will no longer be known as such. The name is returning to Managhan Law Firm as Santana Kortum-Managhan is leaving the firm. Turns out that she was having sex with Tim McKeon of Anaconda while attending MMLP hearings in Helena. Call me silly but I no longer fill comfortable with her as my law partner or wife. Some will think this is an inappropriate announcement, but considering the small legal community in our state, I might as well preempt the roomer mill. Please address communication to William L. Managhan through Managhan Law Firm.

Managhan Law Firm PLLC

That’s a big “[sic]” for all those typos.  Whether the email is authentic or no, it’s quite a story, isn’t it.  The firm’s “Profiles” page reads “This page is currently unavailable,” lending a suspicious air of credibility to the tale.

And Mr. Managhan: if you did indeed send this out, can’t you take the time to be a real lawyer and run a spell-check before burdening us with your linguistic/romance woes and simultaneously trashing your wife’s reputation (if indeed that is you . . . hellooo?)?


See also HERE and HERE for more on the story.

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10 responses to “Obtaining a Name Change in Montana

  1. Greg May

    Not quite as personal, but almost as funny . . . when I was at a Big Law firm of arounf 500 lawyers and probably 1000 staff, with offices all around the country, an employee in the New York office apparently gre tired of having his lunch stolen out of the break room fridge and sent a scathing rebuke to the thief. Preumably, he felt the only way to do this was to braodcast this rebuke by e-mail. But instead of sending it just to employee in the New Yorkoffice, he sent it to all lawyers and staff nationwide.

    Naturally, the wise acres all set abut sending responses. I believe that e-mail string still holds the record for most messages geneated on a single topic in a single day at that firm

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  3. Автор молодец. Затронул тему до глубины. Кстати хочу тоже поделится некоторыми открытиями – бронхолегочный аспергиллез. Я сам в шоке

  4. Так зачитался, что пропустил бы любимую передачу 😉

  5. Настоящая женщина не та, которая заводит нового кавалера каждый вечер, а та, которая каждый вечер заводит одного и того же!!!

  6. Согласен. У нас на сайте, к примеру, обсуждаются практически все системы и самое разные программные продукты.

  7. Спасибо автору за проделанный труд:)

  8. Прочитал, понравилось. Биг сенкс)

  9. Если мужчина долго-долго смотрит тебе в глаза — можешь быть уверена: все остальное он уже осмотрел.

  10. Согласен, в этом есть какой-то толк.

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