Bioshock non-spoiler review (Verdict: Great game – buy it used)

“Why should the righteous suffer at the hands of the ignorant?” Because society usually ends up freaky-deeky, that’s why. Thus speaks the lessons of Bioshock.

Bioshock is a first-person shooter game with a great story. No, make that fantastic story. But ultimately with all stories, it ends, and you end up with little replay value as the developers failed to include a multi-player component. So if you like good shooters with good stories, please read on…

Did you ever want to play Jedi Knight, but underwater? That pretty much sums up the game and is a handy reference tool.

The first odd thing in the game I should mention is that you don’t die. Ever. Well, o.k., there is the climatic boss battle where it is possible to die, but that’s it.

The second odd thing is that the game has a sense of unbalanced weaponry at higher levels. Your lightsaber wrench is actually one of the most powerful weapons in the game. However, this is untrue for the “normal” level of the game, where guns actually can kill people.

The last thing is that there is no replay value. Once you find out that Darth Vader is Luke’s father, while a fantastic story, it has minimal replay value. There is no multi-player to speak of. There are rumors that downloadable content will eventually be released in the form of new powers that you can use in the game, but we’ll see.

However, pick this game up just for the sheer beauty of the game. The graphics are just fantastic. The gameplay is smooth. The AI is tolerable. And the “idiot arrow” (which can be disabled) always makes sure you’re not just fumbling around going “WTF am I supposed to do now?” Still have yet to meet a person IRL that didn’t like this one.

Sorry this review is so late and a dollar short, but if you haven’t picked this one up, I would recommend this as a definite buy. Download this on Xbox Live and see if you like the feel. Then pick it up used, as I’m sure there are loads of people willing to unload this after they’re through.


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  1. high quality Too bad there arent many blogs of this calibre today. I don’t know if my comment is going to pop up because I’m not very tech savvy, hopefully I can get this right!. Wish you

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