The Pause that Refreshes

So, as you may have noticed (assuming anyone was reading this to begin with), there have been no reviews since June 2011. That’s not because we abandoned our mission. In fact, it was a combination of factors: My co-author found that he didn’t have time to blog as he had hoped. I held back because I did not want to get too far ahead (given our original objective of parallel reviews). However, it’s clear now that the original plan is unworkable, as my colleague simply lacks the time.

I am more stubborn, however, and intend to resume my reviews. I will not follow the “Acquit or Convict” style proposed by my lawyerly friend. Instead, I will give my own insights and thoughts however they might be. At the moment we just finished The Dalek Invasion of Earth (after temporarily skipping The Sensorites, Reign of Terror, and Planet of the Giants, which are currently not available on DVD). My intention is to resume the reviews by going back to Keys of Marinus and periodically posting as we move ahead. Onward we go!

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  1. Looking forward to reading your thoughts. 🙂

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