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CONFIRMED: XBLA Marathon 1 Aug 07

Xbox Live’s Major Nelson spilled the beans today. Marathon: Durandal is confirmed as one of the two XBLA games this Wednesday, 1 Aug 07, at 800 points ($10). The other game is Spyglass Board Games (400 points) which includes Chess, Checkers, Mancala, and Reversi, online and webcam enabled. The clear winner between the two of these is Marathon–720p and online multiplayer, it’s been eagerly awaited by many Bungie/Marathon/Halo fans.

Two interesting tidbits from the interview with Freeverse’s Bruce Morrison over at IGN. He says:

  1. “We are fans of content packs, and our game is compatible with levels built with Forge (the official Marathon 2/Infinity map editor). Maybe something will happen in the future.” And he says
  2. “Our achievements directly reflect the cult-like devotion and community behind Marathon. We hate grind achievements here in the office. So we chose not to use any. . . . And in keeping with Marathon tradition, several of our achievements are cryptic and contain hidden messages instead of a clear ‘Kill 50 guys’ message some games use. We have one ultimate achievement for true Marathon fans; it awards a gamer pic and really feels like an achievement when you get it.”

So, the possibility of mods on the 360 (?!) and a special gamer pic–any thoughts about who/what it might be?


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“MasterChief Went Into Seclusion . . . Drinking Heavily”

That’s a direct quote from the above movie. Check out this EXCLUSIVE and very funny interview with MasterChief.


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UPDATE: $50 Xbox 360 price cut details emerging

Yesterday (the 24th of July), AO updated the 1 August $100 price cut rumor with news from XboxScene, which vaguely commented that the 360 would see a price cut of $50. No further details had emerged from that original rumor about a 1 August price drop, and the news from XboxScene seemed not worthy of more than a quick update.

Close on the heels of the XboxScene report, however, The Hollywood Reporter comes with more details that mirror the XboxScene report. With the corroborating reporting, it now seems the appropriate time to revisit the rumor mill.

David Ward over at Hollywood Reporter reports that “sources” have said that 8 August 07 is indeed the date of a 360 price drop, and that the price cut will be $50. Microsoft would respond only indirectly, saying: “”We have no announcements to make on pricing at this time. While price matters, content is king. And no other system is offering all the games people want to play this holiday at a better price than Xbox 360.”

The reporting doesn’t specify whether the $50 cut will be across the board, only apply to a few SKUs, or if, in fact, some SKUs will see a larger price drop.

As you know, the report we had on 13 July, which I discussed HERE, predicted an across-the-board price cut of $100 across the board.

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Exactly who is buying the Wii???

2 stories were released today that seem to be a contradiction in terms. Both stories involve NPD – a market research firm. Taken together, they could indicate that Nintendo’s recent dominance will eventually evaporate.

The first is from TG Daily. They are reporting that NPD’s latest data indicates that Nintendo’s Wii outsold both Xbox 360 and Sony’s Playstation 3 combined. If your too lazy to jump, all you need to know is according to NPD’s latest data, the Wii was the top selling next-gen home console system for the month of June, with 380,000 units sold last month. The Xbox 360 took its usual #2 spot with 198,000 units and the PS3 lagged behind once again with only 98,000. (AO would report this ourselves, but we seem to be a little short on research capital. Or even a coffee machine.)

In contrast – NPD itself is reporting that “heavy gamers” have eight times the purchasing power of “average gamers.” According to their report, of the 191 million gamers who personally play games Continue reading

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An open letter to Bethesda Softworks

From: Aidyn

To: Bethesda Softworks

Re: Fallout 3 – please don’t fuck this up.

fallout 3 pic

First of all, I do want to thank you for all the work that you did in the first place in keeping my love alive.

After the demise of Interplay due to bankruptcy, you bought the IP rights to make a single player game. And I am grateful. While I’m not going to recreate the entire history of the development process, lets just say that I’m grateful that you took on the reins. Continue reading

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Gang Holds Top RPG Gamer at Gunpoint

Folha Online reports that using Orkut, Google’s online social network, an armed gang of four 19-27 year old- kidnapped the world-leading Role-Playing Gamer of the game GunBound (boy plays violent video game; others become The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.violent; psychologists, have at it). One of the gang members’ girlfriends lured the gamer onto a fake date at a shopping mall via the network. The gamer showed for the date but the girl didn’t. Her boyfriend appeared in her place (“Wha! Your voice didn’t sound so low on the phone…”), the gamer was kidnapped and held in Sao Paulo, with a gun held to his head for five hours.

The gang’s goal? To obtain the gamer’s password, which the gang planned to sell for $8,000. The game, however, didn’t give up the information. The gang, naturally, then let the victim go.

And go he did, straight to the police–Brazilian police saved the rest of the day, picking up the four Continue reading

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XBLA 90’s Nostalgia Edition: Wing Commander Arena on Wednesday, 25 Jul 07

Not reported on presently, Xbox 360 Fanboy is reporting that EA has given confirmation: Wing Commander Arena is being released this coming Wednesday on Xbox Live Arcade for 800 points ($10). PLUS: read WCA’s Manual, already online, HERE.

More pics after the break. Continue reading

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