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Peanuts + Dr. Who = Awesome

The work of Wild Guru Larry.

Found via Bad Astronomy.


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Obtaining a Name Change in Montana


Apparently this spurned husband didn’t take it so well when his wife entered into
a dalliance on a business trip.  William L. Managhan of the Managhan & Kortum-Managhan Law Firm, reportedly sent the following email to the entire membership of the Montana Trial Lawyers Association, detailing exactly how best to change your name in Montana:

Managhan & Kortum-Managhan Law Firm will no longer be known as such. The name is returning to Managhan Law Firm as Santana Kortum-Managhan is leaving the firm. Turns out that she was having sex with Tim McKeon of Anaconda while attending MMLP hearings in Helena. Call me silly but I no longer fill comfortable with her as my law partner or wife. Some will think this is an inappropriate announcement, but considering the small legal community in our state, I might as well preempt the roomer mill. Please address communication to William L. Managhan through Managhan Law Firm.
Managhan Law Firm PLLC

That’s a big “[sic]” for all those typos.  Whether the email is authentic or no, it’s quite a story, isn’t it.  The firm’s “Profiles” page reads “This page is currently unavailable,” lending a suspicious air of credibility to the tale.

And Mr. Managhan: if you did indeed send this out, can’t you take the time to be a real lawyer and run a spell-check before burdening us with your linguistic/romance woes and simultaneously trashing your wife’s reputation (if indeed that is you . . . hellooo?)?


See also HERE and HERE for more on the story.

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Not Dead Yet

The Volokh Conspiracy links to this opinion by Judge Boyce Martin of the Sixth Circuit, where she declares:

Because collateral estoppel precludes future litigation of one specific issue, and because that is what the state effectively asks us to find, we construe their argument as one for collateral estoppel rather than res judicata, despite the substitution of one term for the other in the state’s brief.

Noting in a footnote: “Because Latin is a dead language anyway.”

But wait! Judge Alice Batchelder rides to the rescue! In her concurring opinion, she writes:

I concur in Judge Martin’s opinion.
I write separately only to express my suspicion that, like the reports of Mark Twain’s death, see The New Dictionary of Cultural Literacy (Third Edition, 2002), the report of the death of Latin in the majority opinion’s footnote 5 is greatly exaggerated.

Hooray for Judge Batchelder! Lingua latina per aeternam!

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Greetings from Mirkwood

Giant Spider Web

Don’t leave the path!!!

(Explanation of this photo here).

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President Bush Speaks on the Zombie Threat

This has got to be one of the funniest things I’ve seen in my life. Yojoe, perhaps your reading can give our team some tactical pointers for the upcoming zombie war.

Lime out


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Catherine Tate teaches David Tennant a Spot o’ Shakespeare

And here’s the last one. British comedian Catherine Tate as Lauren, the annoying British schoolgirl. Here, she disses Scot David Tennant for not being English. Here we have it again: some very British humor, start to finish. Lovely.

Enjoy (with a wee bit of haggis, aye?):

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Doctor Who visits the Cyber Family

I’ve always been a huge Doctor Who fan, but the last few days–thanks to my new Verizon FiOS service–I’m finally back in the high life and can enjoy the 3rd season of the brilliant UK revival.

I’ve been trolling YouTube and found quite a few gems. In this one, the 4th Doctor spends a little quality time with the Cyber Family…



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